25 February, 2010

Calcio... me???

Well, joined the CAPA intramural soccer team. We play against other schools with American students in the area.  Of course I'm HORRIBLE, but it was so much fun. I could only stay the first two games, because Laura was having a dinner party with a bunch of friends and I did not want to be late!  We got crushed in the games, but the scores didn't show it.. it was 3-0 first game (after the half only 1-0!) and I had to leave the second game slightly early (it was 2-1!) We actually were tied at one point.  The other teams have coaches and uniforms, tryouts and practices.  We just show up and hope we have at least 5 people (4 + goalie).  Since spring break is next week, they crammed all of our games into a 2 week period since we're missing one week of the 3 week season.  I loved our team though. We had a few good people, but they were realistic in their expectations of everyone, and supported us all. Our best player came out multiple times to give me playing time. It was really awesome, and I got to meet people from the other schools in America.

Then, after the soccer game, I arrived home around 8.  Laura had some friends who had already arrived, and they were sitting around the table sipping on wine and chatting.  It was a very different environment than that of America, but I loved it immensely.  They were all tra 20 and 22, so exactly my age!! I asked "parlete inglese?" (do you all speak english?) They all said no, just a little.  However, as the night wore on, two of the girls were AMAZING at translating things for me.  Of course, the words they used were simple but they'd give me the gist of the conversation.  When I tried to speak Italian, the Italian students all said they could understand me well, which was a huge compliment! A lot of phrases I simply do not know yet.  They helped me learn some new words.  A few times they asked me to speak to them in English, just slowly.  

Laura's dinner was very good.  She ended up having 12 people over. (I actually counted with the intention of writing the number here!) We stayed at her house until around midnight. We didn't eat until 10!  After that, we went to the pub around the corner and had a big table for all of us. It was such a fun night!!  Laura's cousins stayed at the house last night.  Laura's parents went out to dinner and a movie, and I don't think they ever came back! Patrizia had explained to me that she was going out because Laura had friends over, but I was unaware that "out" meant no return.

Today, I must study for my Italian midterm. I then have my family arriving in two days!!! I cannot wait for this to happen. I just hope that the snow is not a problem and they can make it out of philadelphia okay!

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