17 February, 2010

It's still bleeding...

Laura arrived home today from her two month study in Spain!  She is 20 years old.  Patrizia said she doesn't speak English, but Laura "not speaking English" is better than my Italian.  She was able to translate every picture she took in Spain except for the word for "dressing up in costume".  So yes, she is way better at English than I am Italian!

DISCLAIMER: Next section is gross. If you have a weak stomach, I advise you skip down to the next section.


I ate STEAK tonight in honor of Laura's return home from Spain.  I'm not sure how familiar you are with Italian steak, but they like it pretty rare.  So rare, in fact, that as you cut into it, your plate turns slightly bloody.  When I say slightly, I mean my potatoes were dyed red.  I think it would have been able to walk off my plate had I not cut it.  None the less, I LOVED it, WAYYYY more than American steak.  It was not as chewy as longer cooked American steak that I've tried.


The first course of dinner was some kind of rice soup with potatoes and vegetables. It was one of my favorite dishes we've had thus far. We also schiacatta (spelling?) bread, then the course of potatoes and steak, and then an AWESOME dessert tray.  There were so many little pastries, chocolates, cannoli, etc.  Of course, dinner ended with un cafe, as usual. Laura then showed us a bunch of her pictures.

Tonight also is a big soccer game - Florentina vs. Munich (German team).  The German team is undefeated.  Guido and Alessandro are both huge fans.  (Alessandra, their other daughter, and her boyfriend Alessandro came for dinner again tonight.)  That was on throughout dinner.

Today for Art History we went to a museum that had all the different outside architecture of Santa Croce church.  We even stopped by the shop that people recreate the outside pieces so that the originals can be stored safely in a museum, protected from the elements. I actually remembered my camera for once, which was good since I always forget it on Art History days.  Art History is a 3 hour class, but the first half is lecture and the second half we go on a field trip somewhere in the city to see actual art we discuss.  What better place to do this than Florence?!

I'll post pictures at some point. Ciao!

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  1. See, while this game was mad controversial as I'm sure you're about to find out... Bayern is my team in Germany :)