16 January, 2010


Loved Firenze today! (Bear with me on the horrible spelling the next few words) We saw Duomo, uffizzio, Ponte Vecchio, Dante museo, and much more! We didn't go into any of the sites, rather we did a big walking tour of everything.  A few of us stayed and visited with Professor Florka (from Ursinus), and went out for una caffe afterwards.  We went to this place called Gilli which apparently is very famous.  The people serving the caffe behind the bar were dressed in suits!  Gorgeous city.  Absolutely love it already.

Had another wonderful dinner with my host parents.  Guido made pollo with a special sauce.  It smelled delicious and had olives and other things in it.  Of course, salad accompanied the meal and bread.  We ate really early for them tonight (1900).  I spent almost 2 full hours talking with them about sites to see and learning new words. Guido said that I spoke more than the other girls they've had!  They drew me lots of maps to show me new places to run and where to see Michaelangelo.

Tomorrow is a day on our own, so a bunch of us are meeting at 1200 at the Duomo to explore Firenze.  I will bring my camera and take lots of pictures :)  Tonight a big group is going to a pub to meet other young adults. I'm very happy that there are other people who live pretty close to me and are able to come back at night with me.  If it's very late, we can even split a taxi since we are so close.

Already I feel like I am picking up on the language.  Guido is more comfortable with me, probably because I was attempting to speak such broken Italian.  He spoke some English to me in a heavy accent.  It's really good having Patrizia because she is the interpreter for both of us.  I watched part of "che tempo che fa?" with them after dinner.  It means "what is the weather?" I didn't understand the show, but they said it was the most interesting one now.  Apparently people come on and advertise some new product, CD, song, movie, show, etc. and then the other portion is dedicated to talking about the weather.  Tonight the woman talked about donating money to Haiti.  I figured that one out all by myself!

I am very excited for tonight, and yes, I will be very careful and not walk anywhere alone!


  1. Ali,
    It is so fun to read this. I loved the part when you said you were full but thank you and it must have meant 4 more please. Scott and I were laughing so hard! Can't wait to read more!
    Tante Susan

  2. Alison,
    We've been to Florence twice and it is truly beautiful city. You've got to go to see the statue of David. It is incredible. Make sure you climb to the top of Duomo.
    I could hardly get Mary Anne off the Ponte Vecchio. It had something to do with all that shiny gold.
    Get out into the country and visit some of the other towns. It's a great country and one of our favorites. Enjoy yourself and soak in the atmosphere. Stay safe.
    Your second Cousin Ken Hall

  3. Yeah, don't go any place alone, ever. Your cuz in Va.