28 January, 2010


The rest of Tuesday was somewhat relaxing.  Stayed in and just got work done.  I went to bed early but I was able to Skype for a little bit!  Went back to that study place to get some things done as well.  At dinner, I asked what type of meat we were having, and Patrizia answered "Pollo."  [pollo = chicken] Guido jerks his head up and starts arguing with her in Italian.  I'm pretty sure I heard something along the lines of "this is not chicken, you are wrong" and she responding "it is easy to say pollo."  I think she wants me to learn basic words rather than trying to learn many different kinds of meat.  To make a long story short, I'm pretty sure I've been eating crazy foods all along. It explains why they eat so much "chicken"... It's probably best I don't know what I'm eating!!!

Wednesday I have so many classes and they are so long!!  A big group of us went to Appertivo at Rex's. It was an enjoyable event to socialize, but I love my host family's cooking way more.  We went out to a few places afterward, and enjoyed the city.  A friend, Lindsay, lives very close to me which we just discovered so we can easily go places together and then split a cab fare for a ride home.  I'm glad there is someone so close!

Today I only have one class, and not until 4pm :)  I think I am going to go shopping at a little shop around the corner of my house.  I saw a very cute dress and I'm hoping to find some skinny jeans too!  The prices in the windows were very reasonable.  I walk past this shop every day going to my bus stop and coming home.  I'd like to explore the immediate area around my house more since it's not the typical tourist area.

I didn't get the pictures up as fast as I wanted, but at least I finally have them ready now!  You can click here to see them:

Italy - Welcome Dinner, Sunset, Fiesole

Tonight Alli and Alli are coming for dinner again :) I'm off for a run and a shower!

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