29 January, 2010

Our Pets Heads Are Falling off

 ... name that movie.

Anyway, last night was not octopus, it was fish.  Not traditional fish in America, however, because I watched her cut off the heads and tails and pull out the bones!!  It actually was very very good.  Thursday is the night that their daughter and her boyfriend come over as well, so it's a big event.  There was this other dish that looked something like spinach and I absolutely LOVED it.  She wrote down the name, at the moment I cannot recall it.  Allessandra and Allessandro (host parent's daughter and her boyfriend) said my Italian has improved even in just the last week!

I was able to understand far more of the Italian spoken, and that felt pretty good :) I knew that they were talking about trains and something negative about them.  I thought it was the fact they took a long time, but when I asked, it turns out they were discussing how inefficient they are in Florence.  I count that as me understanding haha.  I taught them the word "silverware" or "utensils".  I wish I could have a video recording of 4 of them trying to say it.  Italians say their "r's" much differently than us.  That's why I'm struggling with saying the letter r here.  The two "r's" in silverware completely threw them for a loop.  We were all laughing pretty hard.  After dinner, I was exhausted.  It was nearly 11:30 by the time they left, so that's understandable.

This weekend I am going to Verona (where Romeo and Juliet took place) and Modena, which is home to many famous Italian car makers like Ferrari.  We are staying in a hostel in Verona and will return Sunday evening.  I am planning on having a quiet night since the train leaves at 8:35 am!

I am going to attempt to buy my first pair of Italian jeans at the shop by me. I walked their earlier this afternoon, on the way home from school, but they are closed from 1-4pm, which is typical of shops in Italy.  They open again from 4-8.

OH! We finalized all of our plans for our Amsterdam trip.  We found a hostel close to the city center, and bought our plane tickets.  We'll leave Friday afternoon, February 19, and return that Sunday night.  There are 7 of us going, and it is Mo's 21st birthday present to herself.  (She turns 21 the week before).  It will be a very fun weekend, and my first outside-of-Italy vacation!!

I'm off to buy my jeans and to the study cafe with the other young people.

Buona giornata (Have a good day)!

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  1. so I guess Ima have to do it since no one has...but it's Dumb and Dumber. Hurry up and tell me how your octopus was ;) haha